Professional Photography Services

You’ve heard it before, pictures are worth a thousand words and first impressions are everything. Using professional photography as part of your marketing strategy shows your clients that you mean business when it comes to selling their home. Your clients home is their biggest investment and they want to make sure you’re doing all you can to sell their home! And that begins with awesome photography!

Real Estate Photography

Let’s face it, you're a busy Realtor and really don’t have time to be a real estate photographer too. Professional Real Estate photography is more than owning a fancy camera. You need the skill required in capturing a property at its best. Taking the time to really look at the space and compose an image that showcases every aspect of the property.

Chuck Hersh Real Estate and Architectural Photography's professional quality Real Estate Photography services are vital for today’s real estate professional. It’s these services that give agents a distinct advantage in a market that’s all about first impressions and looking more professional.

Chuck wants to take all the work and hassle out of Real Estate Photography by making it as easy as giving him a phone call. 561-305-0490

Magic Hour

Like paintings in a museum, based on the position of the house, dawn, dusk and twilight (Magic Hour) shots give your property a dramatic or romantic feel with the soft glow of the sunrise or sunset lighting creating a warm and inviting feeling that makes your listing stand out among all the other boring listings.

Magic hour shoots occur 20 minutes before sunrise or sunset and 20 minutes after sunrise or sunset.

Virtual Tours

Interactive virtual tours are a great way to promote your listings. Tours can be placed in social media, websites, blogs,  MLS and more . They come with many features and can be customized for your needs. All tours are mobile friendly, meaning they can be played on any smartphone or tablet. They may contain stills, panoramas and video.

Aerial Photography

Aerial photography, Pole, Drone or Airplane allows properties to be photographed from a perspective that only birds and planes can see! Sometimes seeing the property from the ground just can't tell the whole story of the home, but Aerial imagery does just that by capturing unique perspectives, sweeping views and waterfront vistas that really let a home shine.