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About Us

Chuck  Hersh is the owner and sole photographer of Chuck Hersh Real Estate and Architectural Photography. Chuck takes great pride in the work he produces, the services he provides and the satisfaction that his clients experience.

Chuck specializes in offering high-end photography services that are vital for today’s real estate professional. It’s these services that give agents a distinct advantage in a market that’s all about first impressions and looking more professional.

Work Philosphy:  It's simple. Produce superior photography with reliable, top-notch customer service.  As a former Real Estate Broker, Chuck takes great pride in being able to work with the hard working real estate community.

Chuck is also a professional in photoshop and other various image editing programs.

Chucks style can be described as Clean, Crisp and Artistic. Working in the art markets and being involved in wildlife photography for the last 16 years, he has developed an artistic approach to his photography.


What can Professional Real Estate Photography do for you?

•  Grab potential buyers attention and make them take a second look at your listings!
•  Motivate those same potential home buyers to go see these properties in person!
•  Make your listings stand out among the thousands of poorly lit and poorly composed real estate photos!
•  Show your sellers that you're dedicated to selling their house as quick and effectively as possible!